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Project : Faculty of Economics – Thammasat University
Project Director: Ms.Kulthida Khunvisetpong, Asa Furniture Co., Ltd.

Professional Solution to Customer’s Requirements

She has a degree in Economics, but when her family’s contractor business was looking for a successor, Kulthida took a leap of faith and stepped up to the plate without hesitation. Her determination and hands-on involvement are essential tools that have made Asa Furniture Co.,Ltd. run smoothly under her supervision as the Project Manager. One of her proudest accomplishments has been none other than the renovation of the classrooms on the 2nd floor at the Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University.

The existing condition of the classroom was so run-down that we had to strip everything off before starting the renovation. Each and every element in the room had to be rebuilt, including the original sound system, the electrical system, the air-conditioning, and the LAN systems,” Kulthida reminisced about what proved to be one of the most challenging tasks she has ever tackled. “Cement boards that the architect wanted to use as wall sidings were not appropriate in many ways. Their qualities hindered me from achieving quality required in the final outcome; i.e. poor joint between two sheets, poor paint finishing, difficult to touch-up the screw head, poorer finishing quality than plywood after laminated with HPL, etc. With the place being near the river, there were also concerns about moisture and termites which could not be avoided in the used of wood-based panel material. We struggled with various siding materials until SHERA ply came to our rescue.”

“SHERA ply’s attributes pass all of my criteria with flying colors. Its flat surface is just like plywood. Its workability is excellent once cladded with a laminate. It can handle any carpenter's tool, a handsaw, a jack planer, a pneumatic nailer or a router and the result is as neat as plywood can be. Moreover, being a fibre cement composite, it is weatherproof and termite-free,” says Kulthida. “As a contractor, we always suggest the best material that matches both the client’s and the architect’s needs. And in this case, SHERA ply is the perfect solution.”

“SHERA ply has a flat and smooth surface in comparing with plywood. Its workability and the outcome appearance are excellent once finished with a laminate sheet. It can be conveniently applied by general carpentry equipments and the result is a precise craftsmanship as plywood can perform.”