SHERA ply... The Pleasure of Indoor Living

About SHERA ply

Application Highlight

HAPPPINESS comes not only from things we see but also from the material choices we make

 SHERA ply is an innovative fibre-composite panel for all interior decorative applications, including ceilings, walls and built-in furniture. It brings a safe and friendly twist for all life in living space

ไม้อัดเฌอร่า ไม้อัดกันน้ำ
ไม้อัดเฌอร่า ไม้อัดกันน้ำ

Inflammability rate = 0%
Material is fire resistant, does not ignite, does not propagate the fire, does not support the spread of fire and does not release toxic fumes while subjected to fire. Therefore, SHERA ply helps encourage the fire safety for your loved ones.

ไม้อัดเฌอร่า ไม้อัดกันน้ำ

Air pollution rate = 0%
Free from pesticide and cancer-causing formaldehyde which is often found in common furniture production. Hence, all areas in your home including the bedroom, living room, and kitchen stay clean with only fresh air to breath for you and your family.

ไม้อัดเฌอร่า ไม้อัดกันน้ำ

Swelling rate = 0%
Stable even against hot water, and humidity. SHERA ply is water resistant and mold resistant. Even in warm, wet, and humid bathroom or kitchen area. SHERA ply remains in good condition which allows you to live worry free.

ไม้อัดเฌอร่า ไม้อัดกันน้ำ

Life-time guarantee against termites and borers
Life-time guarantee against termites and borers. SHERA ply has lift-time guarantee against termites & borers. It keeps you away from maintenance and pesticide problems as your SHERA ply furniture will never be damaged by any kind of insect.


Enjoy cleanliness as SHERA ply is mold resistant. It is also free from cancer-causing formaldehyde toxins often found in furniture.

Free from formaldehyde, certified according to Japanese JIS A 1460 F**** or SUPER E0 standard Super E0Mold resistant and suitable for wet area furniture, passing mold resistance level 10 according to American Standard ASTM D3273a


Enjoy comfort and stay worry-free when it comes to maintenance because SHERA ply has a life-time guarantee against termites & borers. It is also water resistant, will not twist or swell when subjected to high humidity or water

Life-time guaranteed against termites and borers, passing termite resistance test according to Japanese Standard, JWPAS, 1981.14Passes exterior grade quality according to European Standard EN 314-3 or WBP (Weather and Boil Proof)


Care for quality and safety of living space as SHERA ply is fire resistant and non-flammable. Care for the environment as the product is manufactured from GREEN environmentally friendly technology.

Toxin-free and environmental-friendly, suitable for use in LEED USGBC green buildings. May contribute up to 10 points of LEED credits.Environmentally friendly because the ingredients are all wood and from wood grown in certified forest management under the standard of the PEFC.