SHERA ply... The Pleasure of Indoor Living

About SHERA ply

Application Instructions

ใช้ทดแทนวัสดุแผ่นได้อย่างสมบูรณ์แบบ สำหรับทุกชิ้นงานเฟอร์นิเจอร์และงานตกแต่งภายใน

SHERA ply can perfectly replaces plywood, MDF and other kinds of wood-based panels in all area of interior decorative applications; ceiling, wall, and built-in furniture.

Application Finishing

Customize your imagination in any space with every design
A : Plain panel lathed by CNC router
B : Wooden grain panel finished with water-based wood stain
C : Plain panel edge profiled by router
D : Plain panel finished with high gloss spray paint
E : Plain panel finished with High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
F : Plain panel finished with wallpaper
G : Plain panel finished with selected upholstery
H : Plain panel finished with leather upholstery
I : Plain panel mounted with clear mirror
J : Plain panel finished with wood veneer
K : Plain panel finished with stainless-steel sheet
L : Plain panel finished with melamine or PVC foil
Application Process

Easy installation and high quality finishing, maintaining standard quality and size.

Easy to install with general carpentry techniques and tools, no special skills required. Easy cutting, fixing, profiling, drilling, lining, bending,coating, and finishing with various materials.

VDO Installation

01. Workable with general carpentry tools and techniques

02. Easy installation with electrical woodworking tools

- Cut with circular saw
- Fix with pneumatic nailer
- Lathe with router
- Pierce with drill

Equipments : We recommend using cutting blade made from Tungsten Carbide or PCD Diamond cutter

Coating : We recommend using polyurethane (PU) based coating such as Beger Unithane B-4000

Staining : We recommend using water-based wood stain such as water-based wood stain from Rothenburg

Laminating : We recommend using adhesive such as 3MTM Scotch-WeldTM Cylinder Spray 94CA, or Dunlop LP
For flat lamination in production line, please contact SHERA distributor for more information of recommended adhesive solution

Fixing to Wood : We recommend using water and heat resistant adhesive (D4 Grade) such as JOWAPUR 685.30 or water resistance PVAC adhesive